Thursday, December 8, 2011


This past summer my siblings and I took a trip back to our chidlhood home.  One which my great-grandfather built in the late 1800' remained in our family for FOUR wonderful seeing it again,
I had always loved this wallpaper,(which my grandfather had put up when I was a child )...I somehow was not surprised to still see it up in my old bedroom.
In fact,he use to wallpaper the ceilings too...with a plain wallpaper...not sure why...but imagine what a job that was.
They must love this paper too.


Pearl said...

That is timeless wallpaper I love it. Oh how fun it would be to go back in time. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Pearl

Georgianna said...

How lovely this is, Rose! I can imagine how special it is to revisit such a memory-filled home and know it is still being loved. The wallpaper is beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend. – g

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

It was the BEST part of the whole reunion...the lady who now owns the house...(almost as long as we did )...was so gracious to let us all tramp thru her house and did not seem to have a worry in the world about it.
In fact, in all... there were 40 family members who went thru the house...including my grown daughters who had heard SO MUCH about THAT house for so long..were brought to tears when they walked thru with me.
I was impressed with that fact.... and that I was able to bring that sense of "family history" to them over the years.