Monday, December 12, 2011


I belong to a  Yahoo font group...and just love some of the fonts that come thru.
You may have to enlarge it to see the cute details.


cottonreel said...

I have seen lovely fonts on blogs .I would love to know how it's done

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Made this "look" in Paint Shop is a font I recived thru my Yahoo group :-

They could send it to you.


Julia said...

Cool fonts Rose.

I always wonder how some blogs inscribe their name in the photos on their blogs. I wonder if I can do that with my Apple computer. I would like to claim ownership of my own photos. JB

Have a great week . JB

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Julia,you certainly should be able to this on your Mac...that's what Mac's are known for are the graphics I understand.
You need a graphics program of SOME sort tho..but I would think Mac has one of their own "built in"...not a Mac owner, so don't know for sure.
I use PhotoShop Elements and PSP for all my graphic work.