Friday, October 7, 2011


I was "lost in cyberspace".....right after Windows 7 was installed on my computer.    I still do not see my followers here, but I am not going to worry about that for now...if you and I can post again I am a happy blogger.
          Thank you for your patience.              


Ira said...

Oh, your new blog looks good Rose! I'll write to you soon, ok? Have a great weekend, hugs, Ira

Julia said...

Computers can be a pain sometimes. I hope that you get all sorted out soon. Good luck to you. JB

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi happy you dropped by....this way I know my blog is accepting posts again.
I tried to post on your blog Julia and it would not take. Ira I just tried yours as well, but the same thing happened...
POOF! it was gone after I clicked on "publish you comment".
OK a new problem to work on I guess.

Susan said...

Welcome back Rose!!!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Welcome back Rose! I've been having 50/50 luck comment posting these past couple days and its so frustrating! Hope this one goes thru :-)
I love all the photos in your last post!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you Lynn nice to be back.
Still having some trouble with my Page Elements bar missing. Can't do many changes until it decides to show up again.
I know I am STILL having some problems posting on others blogs too.


Julia said...

Hi Rose, if you are unable to post comments on certain blog, just google the name of that blog and when the blog appears on your screen, you can leave a comment through your server. Just give it a try.

For a while everyone was having problem leaving comments and I used Firefox to google blogs and I could leave comments with no problems. JB