Friday, September 30, 2011

More Round Top, TX images

Just wanted to do some textures with these..

( If you choose to enlarge these, you will notice more of the interesting details of the antiques. )

Almost had to have this hat, until I saw the price !!

Enlarge and read what the books were used for.

VERY old lace and antique buttons Below is a HUGE gold plated ink well. Loved the detail of it.

This booth seemed to be filled with mostly Carnival/Circus items.


Julia said...

Hi Rose, thanks for you comment on my story on Maggie's Blogazine. I know that my story was much too long but thank goodness I forgot some other ups and downs in my story or it would have been much longer.

I hope that you will finish reading my story when you have the time and would love to have you come by my blog for a visit and join my followers. No string attached. I'm joining yours.

Julia said...

Silly me I forgot to mention that I love seeing all those nostalgic photos of an era gone by. JB

Ira said...

Oh Rose, I wanted to actually dive into my laptop and feel that beautiful lace and have a look inside these old vintage books! Gorgeous stuff! Funny thing is that people in the 'old days' probably wouldn't have known that we 'modern people' would cherish their day to day stuff! Have a great weekend, hugs, Ira

Susan said...

Rose these pictures are very nice! Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Julia,Ira & Susan...I am so very pleased you stopped by.
As you may have guessed I had been having Blog issues. Still a few left..but am trying my best to clear them up.
It looks like I have three blogs, but only two work. Not sure how to delete the "practice" one on my list...any suggestions for that I would appreciate .

Thank you again,