Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wildfire Haze SUNSETS

Can't seem to leave this image alone. Added a texture to this one.

This photo is a composite of a couple of images I had taken.
Took the bottom photograph last night... we can smell the smoke from the fires that are still burning about 20 miles away..and the smoke & HAZE was very apparent.
We are still fine.....just so concerned for others who are losing their homes.



Susan said...

Rose I will pray for you that your home stays safe! I will also remember the others who have or will be losing their homes!

Ira said...

how awful to know that people are in danger... Just so happy to hear that you and your DH are doing all right Rose! Hugs, Ira

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Susan, Ira...I love you two ladies...really do.
Nice to know people are concerned for us down here.

Many hugs back to you.