Sunday, September 4, 2011


Images taken before, during and after the storm by others in the area.

Waiting for the first drop.....

These are images gathered hither and yon..during the storm...they are not my photo's. Notice the temperature on thetermometer above. It finally rain a bit here in our area last night.

Keep sliding down for more please...

These little guys are SO thirsty..during our DROUGHT...people are putting out extra feeders .


jordiegirl said...

Great photos Rose.

Susan said...

Rose I will keep your husband in my prayers!! It is scary these days to have any medical procedures. The infections you can get because they do clean so well, and just other negligence!
Your hubby will be fine!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you Susan, we so appreciate your prayers in this matter.....He is acting VERY brave about this...but I know he is concerned.
I am trying my best not to get too stressed about it will do me no good.
I will keep you posted.

Thank you again, Rose