Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As promised...I wanted to show you
the other treasure I took home
yesterday. Which I bought at a
darling shoppe called
"HOUSE SWEET IT IS" The Woodlands, Tx.

The pillow is only about 12" long.
And yes, we still have roses
blooming in our was
70 degrees here today in Texas.

(* Enlarge to enjoy details )

The tiny little 3" x 3" picture and cardboard frame around it...of the boy is the smallest I have ever is original.


Lynn said...

This is absolutely beautiful Rose! I've been a follower of yours for sometime now, and love to stop by and visit your I find it very beautiful and interesting. I love roses and pretty much anything victorian..

Have a wonderful evening..


Char said...

Oh Rose, your pocket pillow is just so pretty. I am in the middle of creating a new series of Romantic Pocket Sachets, so we are on the same wave length!! I love it, Char

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Lynn & Char...thanks so much...appreciate your support by dropping by.
I too just love, love these Victorian lovelies.


Susan said...

Rose I truly love that little pillow!

Terry said...

I love that pillow! So sweet and feminine. Great find.