Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Be sure to look closely at the way the stairs are layed out . There are days
that I feel like this is how I am going......do you ?
( Enlarge to see details )


Susan said...

Rose that is exactly how I feel most days. On a stair that is leading to no where.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I was thinking maybe it was JUST ME Susan...going round and round and up and down... getting VERY few MEANINGFUL things accomplished.
So many of us are feeling that way I am reading on some of the blogs that I have been folloing for a while now..
Do you think it's the ECONOMY and the way things are going with our "not very interested in the people" ... BIG government of ours ?

Just curious !

IF NOT...what ?


The Rustic Victorian said...

Yes I agree, it can be very depressing. The Gulf crisis "alone" is creating so much sadness...it's bound to spread. I am glad I am not young sometimes...sigh...as the future seems so bleak due to the...well I better stop there,...God is in controll, I must remind myself of that more often then ever now.
May God Bless Your Day Rose!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marcie...you are 100% RIGHT...and I agree with that too.
Neat how God works.... I JUST read my Daily Devotional..which reads...
" In a world that can wear us down mentally, physically, and spiritually, how do we renew our strength? What do we do in the face of too many projects, too many temptations, too many conflicts, and too many other soul and energy-sapping dynamics at work in our lives ?

The prophet Isaiah ministered to a nation on the verge of collapse. It wasn't just the acute threat from foreign powers - though that was an obvious stressor - but the once proud and righteous country was sinking in a mire created by its own cynicism and corruption. His antidote to spiritual fatigue was simple: Hope in the Lord.

Others might help you. Great. But don't put your hope in them. You might be able to muster some more determination to get the job done. Wonderful. But don't even place your hope in yourself.

The only place to turn for a renewed spirit is the One who has given you every good and perfect gift, including any strength or talent you were born with. What a wonderful promise that we can run without growing weary!

So how is your day? How has your week been going? How does this month look to be shaping up for you? Are you hopeful and inspired? Or are you discouraged? Either way, place your hope in the Lord and let Him give you a supernatural strength."

Heavenly Father, You truly are the source of my hope for today, tomorrow, and all the days ahead of me.

Thank You.