Thursday, April 1, 2010


Not at all sure it's terribly old...but I liked it all the same...nice prices too.

The doily is about 24" long. I would like to see it more of an off white do I do that...?? Does anyone's more yellow than it looks here.

Thank you,



Queen of Dreamsz said...


You can tea or coffee stain'd need to experiment as to how diluted you would like the stain to be..It's all beautiful.

Stephanie ♥

Susan said...

That is some beautiful lace. I agree with Stephanie, I always heard but never tried to tea or coffee stain lace.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Ya...Without seeing it in the flesh I cannot tell what it is made of..It defiantly looks old, victorian ...Yes try tea staining...first wash it gently, soak it if you must...Its an experiment and sometimes things just fall apart when they get wet, so be prepared for that...I've had curtain just "melt" I worked in a vintage clothing store for 4 years and had to clean and repair many an item... Thank you for your visit...I am sad that my post brought up painful memories... Isn't it wonderful that we survived all of that!! My story doesn't get much better really until I met my husband who was my guardian angel and really saved me(helped save me) by loving and believing in me...It really has taken me this long ( I am now 57) to start to get it together...this last year has been fabulous

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

My goodness! This is a spectacular piece of lace!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you laides...I will have to try a small piece of the longer lace..I have not stained anything in years.
How much coffee do you use compared to the amount of water..for staining..?? And should I wait for the water to cool COMPLETELY before staining with it ?
Beatnheart ..your and my life sounds so much life turned around for the better when I met my second husband too...he is the best EARTHLY thing that has ever happend to me.

Hugs, Rose