Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am seeing more and more "parts"
sold...especially doll heads ( way below ) and hands
and such. ....

Notice the flower petals floating in the large looked so neat.


Beatnheart said...

Hi just found you via Rose Bella Rosa, You have a gorgeous blog and I'm a new follower.. I'm sticking with you kid..Almost made it to is it in June..Mega hot??

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dear glad you came over and joined my group...I have been SO amazed...and truly blessed that it has grown to this size...I only started it late last year, not sure of the date......but not that long ago..
and did not want to have it so much "theme" based as " delightfully clutter" based.
Posting LOTS of sometimes odd ball and/or neat, beautiful things that appear in front of my eyes ....and across my mind.

Sweet lady,I read a small portion of the story of your childhood...on your blog until I could not read it any longer...reminded me too much of my childhood pain. I am sorry your life was SO VERY distorted when you were young.
Children should NEVER have to deal with that sort of shamelessness. NEVER !!

And I too was very emotionally abandoned and/or abused by both my parents when I was younger...and in fact up until I was 30 years old...with the "help" of my first husband.
BUT....we women are strong ...we survived.
Tell Bella Rosa thanks for sending you by.

Sincerely and WELCOME.


Cashon&Co said...

Hi rose! I loved reading your comment, and am so glad you left one. I am recognizing some of these vendors from your pictures~ The baby parts I thought were kinda creepy but the colours were lovely in that display. I LOVE the name of your blog. I have always said I love "organized clutter" but maybe I should say "delightfully organized clutter?"...I am loving reading so far. off to read more. The roses in your yard after easter are gorgeous. xo

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Well...I am not sure I can claim all..but, I have a VERY tolerant husband..and for that I am thankful to God for finding him for me......he is VERY organized being an retired Engineer...his desk is always just so...and as long as we do not have to share one...we are fine.
The kitchen table it getting to be a bit overwhelming..even for that may have to be one of my projects this "straighten" it up. But as I type, we are getting ready to go to another ESTATE no telling where I may put "that" stuff when I get it home.


WELCOMOE TO MY BLOG...pleased you are sure ot keep in touch.
We probalby smiled at each other at the RT Shows and did not know it.