Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Made a Kaleidoscope frame for this image.
Have loved this cupid image ever since
I had seen her.



phonelady said...

Hi rose this is the phonelady . You asked me what the last line in my blog means . Be careful out there among them english , this is a line from one of my favorite movies , witness with harrison ford and kelly mcgillis . negative ghost rider is from a movie with nicolas cage . I tend to use alot of movie lines when sometimes describing things that is all it is . welcome aboard and I also am now following you . I could just not take the heat of florida anymore and it cost too much to live there now . anyways take care and see you soon .

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WELCOME phonelady... glad you have joined my merry band of bloggers.

I understand about Florida..our granddaughter use to live near Destin...talk about EXPENSIVE !!!
Texas is not all that bad..and our economy is really in MUCH better shape than most States..so we are happy here.
My mother was the MOVIE BUFF QUEEN of the century.....she could tell you about any movie she had seen in the last 50 r 60 years of her life. And who stared in them..and who had been married to whom...altho NOW she would have a harder time with THOSE facts.
Nick Cage should have hung onto Lisa Presley...as he is going broke I understand.
Hope you move goes smoothly...Ohio is one of my FAVORITE ANTIQUE hunting grounds...numerous and wonderful choices there.
Alto Texas holds it's own against many States in the regard too.
We have the famous ROUND TOP,TX and BRENHAM, TX...after all. And we live only about 90 miles or so from there.



That is such a sweet and charming picture.

Rebecca said...

I love that cupid. The only copy I have of her/him is crummy! :( Love what you did with it!


Susan said...

Rose I love the cupid! You did a beautiful job framing her.

Gerry said...

Rose, The framing is really artistic! I love the cupid picture too. Gerry

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is not as easy to make frames in a Kaleidoscope ...but I was lucky this time..I have a few more that I made from the original pic.....which I will try to remember to use around some of my Still Life images.

Rebecca...I tried to find your addy on your Blog..but could not. I so not have mine on my blog either..I will get brave and put it there one of these days. ( Maybe )

If you like... send me your addy..I will send you that image if you like...that is IF I can find it again...I have SO MANY folders full of things like that...never sure where to find things at times. Did not do a really good job of filing things aways when I first started useing a comptuer. GRRRrrr.
Be sure to tell me what you are giving your addy for...I will forget by then otherwise.

Short term memory issues..with my Fibro.