Friday, March 26, 2010


King George & Queen Mary ..this was about 24 by 36 " .

Look at her necklace.

( Enlarge to see details )

Arent' they handsome ?

These were HUGE...with prices to match.

Note the sweet tags...but I forgot to pick a couple up for myself....DAAaaahaaa !

Just to help get yesterday's sadness off my husband suggested we go up to Warrenton, Tx...some of the Antique dealers were setting up for the SPRING ANTIQUE EXTRAVAGANZA ...and so off we went.
I am TIRED to the bone and... oh SO SORE.
( Warning, if you are planning on doing this for the first time.... walking is VERY uneven under foot..and up and down many little hills...LOTS and lots of walking...involved. )
Bought a couple of things that I will try to photograph later as well...just to show you.

By early next week...there will be MANY hundreds of dealers ready for business...
set up ..... all up and down about a 20 mile stretch of road in farmers fields , old buildings and barns...and under tents....on both sides of the road...out in the middle of "nowhere"....
It just ALWAYS amazes me how many
people come from all over the USA to this thing...we saw license plates from at least 10 different States.... just glancing around in the parking lots...

(some belonged to the dealers )

There are some very HIGH END Antique just plain junk dealers...and everywhere in between...but...gosh what fun it is seeing it all.




Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How strange you were in Warrenton too...we might have smiled at each other today...I too can hardly walk and I don't know why because we did not cover that much today.
I live only ten miles from there so I go often.

so very sorry about your heavy heart. I can not begin to imagine what her dear family is going through and will always go through.
How very sad and I of course will pray for all of you
How close do you live to Warrenton

Trishia said...

Rose, One year my hubby and I drove from Portland, OR, to be a part of that antique shows that line the road outside of Austin, in Roundtop. I'm assuming WArrenton is an extension of that? I know it goes for miles and miles! We camped out for a couple of nights until the TExas sky started lighting up!ha! My hubby said 'never again'. He didn't think outdoors and windy was a good combination for the antique French postcards I was selling:)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

O dear!! I wish that Pa, was not so far away from you! This is definitely a place I would LOVE to go!! I love the head decoupaged with music paper. I just picked up 2 of these at a flea market and even though my hubby knows not to even give me one of those looks, he wondered what I was going to do with them. This is exactly what I want to do and use them for some of my Victorian hats!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...
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Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Maggie...I bet we did smile at each other..wasn't the weather just perfect yesterday..NO HUMIDITY...!
We were all up and down the road tho... throughout the day..and while heading home.
We live about 80 miles from Round Top.
Being there is ALWAYS such enjoyment ..however, the walking is getting harder and harder for me...I am 72 ..and have say nothing of carrying around about an "extra" 75 lbs or so.
This may have to be one of the last years I do this in WARRENTON.

Marburger Farm is not as much of a problem ...they seem to have smoothed that out a bit better there.... and inside the buildings with level floors are much better for me

I am getting SO sleepy...need to get back to bed again...
Will talk with the rest of you later ..OK ?

Thanks for stopping by.


Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dearest Rose,

Beautiful photos, I linger over each one studying the details and mentally adding this trip to Warrenton to my "Trip List"!

Do rest, know prayers are always coming your way and I do so love you and your "Delightful Clutter"! I am so excited to see more photos of your trip!



Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, what fun...I see goodies I would love...As far as the corner go, all I can remember is I found them on's been 2-3 years was a shop that sold appliques like *Do it yourself chic*...wish I could be more sorry to hear about your neighbor's daughter...suicide is so DH lost his brother last summer to suicide and he is still *really struggling*...I can't imagine as a mom...only with the Lord.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pics. I would so love to go to Warrington! I used to sell at the Southlake Flea Market here on Tues. mornings, until they sold the land and closed it down. It had been a fixture at Southlake for over fifty years, Sooo Sad!! Anyway, I used to paint furniture and add roses, for several years a lot of my painted furniture went to Warrington with a lot of dealers that bought my things. Maybe one day I will make it there! Love the Royal pic....
Hope you will be feeling better today.
Hugs, Pat

jordiegirl said...

Lovely post.

I especially love the pic of King George V and Queen Mary - as I'm British. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing all these lovely things with us.

alice said...

Oh Rose,
I am glad you got out! I would love to go this year again...alas I will have to enjoy your wonderful pictures!
smiles, alice