Monday, March 1, 2010


but it's mine now....!
Took my husband and I about an hour and a half to sift thru boxes and baskets of "stuff"at an Antique Shoppe... to find just these few pieces...
Found ONE more lovable larger item too...will show that to you when I clean it up a bit more.
Can anyone tell me the BEST way to clean this up...?
( enlarge to see corrosion )


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Rose,

Lovely *found objects*

I wouldn't touch them except for wiping with a damp cloth [to protect the *grunge*]

Many of us would be totally happy with these grunge objects to integrate onto some chippy, peeling, shabby wood!

Thanks for sharing these beauties. :0)

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

PS: Since you run across so many unique finds...maybe you need to open an Etsy shop and sell some your treasures!! [hint, hint] :0) Of course, that's easier said then done..I am such a collector!...but I'm working towards the *selling part*..haha

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Hi Rose~ Great find, I love the old tarnished and rusty iron. I use a wire brush, the little one that looks like a wooden and wire tooth brush. There is a liquid that you can find in some antique malls that will give it new life, but it will still look old. Ask it they have something to restore and give life to metal and wood. I have used it before, but cant think of the name. But just brush and they would be fine for me.
Hope you have a great Tues.
Hugs, Pat

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Steph....I know, don't want to destroy the finish...but I would just like them a little bit shiny.
YES, I DO NEED TO OPEN AN ETSY SHOP..just one of those things that takes time and effort and commitment .
Both my husband and I would have to work it together...he being more mobile than me.
However, he likes retirement SO much... I am not sure I can interest "working" again..but we shall see.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pat, thanks, I know exactly the brush you are speaking of...we have a LARGE one...but don't want to use it..that would be too harse on them.

My brother told me years ago..when he was working on old cars..if they wanted to "clean" a rusty old car part, they would fill a pan with 4 or 5 cokes and put the parts in there and let them soak....can you imagine what that stuff does to our stomachs, if so ?

Stay warm,

Vicki said...

Catching up on your posts..
Love all the fun things you're finding. Don't take too much grunge off, it's beautiful as is.
And oh, I would have taken that sweet pitcher and bowl home in a heartbeat! I love the green..
Stop by and see my giveaway!
Oh, as far as the coke, ya, never touch the stuff..anymore (;

BellaRosa said...

Rose amor, I am loving all your beautiful finds...funny but before, I would have wanted everything to be pretty and shiny, but with my wise old age...I seem to really love the old patina'd look, it is so pretty to me seeing it's age and wear...maybe it reminds me of getting older :) Besos, Rose

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Rose,

What beautiful treasures! Please post photos of what you do with them! I can't wait to see.

Sounds like you got some great advice on cleaning the pieces up...

I'm one of those "Love the patina that comes with AGE" kinda gals!

Thank you for visiting and your lovely caring comments.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... lady's may have convinced me of the " let sleeping dogs lie " theory.
Will most likely depend on WHAT they finally end up being part of. (smiling).
I'm probably pretty far away from that part of it so far..that I will just let them lay around and be grungy for a while.
Thanks for all your input, you are great friends.

Pearl said...

Wonderful hardware! You are a great "American Picker" do you ever watch that show? You always find the loveliest things. Thanks for sharing, Pearl

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl, I have never even heard of that program, but sure sounds like something I would enjoy. When does it come on ? And on what Network please ?
I DO LOVE THE HUNT....that is for sure...I "see" the potential in so many things...but I have enough stuff to last me two lifetimes.( snickering )'s an obsession of mine I guess.
Never had enough " stuff" when I was a young child I guess....that is what a counselor told me one time anyway.
Thank you,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Please don't ANYONE hold their breath about when I will actually "do" something with these...I really just enjoy having them, more than actually using them.
TRUTH IS... I am mostly "chicken" to start a project... as I am not sure after I GLUE things together, weather or not... I will like it..and change my mind. What then ?

Hummmmm.....this has been kind of confessional time for me here...feels GOOD. ( Laughing)


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl...curiosity got the best of me..and I looked up a couple of episodes of American Picker on the fun for those two guys....!!!
I would LOVE to do that, if I was younger. It would be great...but hard work.

Thanks for telling me about it.


Anonymous said...

Rose, don't clean them! Gee, the rest of us go to great lengths to make things look grungy like this! LOL!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Diane, I hear you....( smiling ) I will leave them alone.