Sunday, February 14, 2010


I appreciate the OLDE WORLD look to these.

Love going into this furniture store to photograph whenever we are near there.
..The textures ...and design of the furniture is so beautiful I think...
and the fabrics are so lovely.
Most of it is too dark for our tastes.....but I enjoy going in there all the same.
They have wonderful home decor too.~~ But NOTHING replaces our beloved Antiques do they ? ~~


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh how cozy! I do like the darker, warm look and it blends in well with my antiques! Isn't it fun to window shop? Thanks for showing them..

Peridots Garden Blog said...

I agree with "All My Yesterdays", I love the rich earthiness of everything in this collection of your beautiful photos! Makes me want to snuggle into that leather chair, relax and read my favorite book! I am loving the "window scape"!

Thank you!


The Victorian Parlor said...


That is a lovely furniture store! I prefer the antique pieces too:)!



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Windwow scapes~ window shopping...I love it all..MOST especially in Antique Shows, Antique Malls or Flea Markets...and I get some exercise too.
I am in favor of the earthtones, but in the lighter flavors...beige, blue, mauve and of course my favorite WHITE and OFF WHITE.

We lived in a 50's style red brick ranch house for 33 years.....and it had dark ( real)wood paneling and dark trim. Low ceilings and very little "open" space (per room ) altho it was a four bedroom~ two story house.
So when we moved I INSISTED on the lighter colors and the OPEN look...and HIGHER ceilings.....for our new home. We are still so enjoying them ...going on 12 years later.

I agree we each need to live in whatever environment that makes us feel comfortable and HAPPY because we spend so much time here.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Rose, I love the sofa in the second photo the best and I too love the dark rich jewel tone colors!

Anonymous said...

I like the old stuff better but they sure do make good copies!