Monday, February 15, 2010


I will continue to think SPRING.

We here in SOUTHEAST TEXAS are looking at freezing temps AGAIN tonight....this is CRAZY

weather.... (for us down here in the South.)

My neighbor told us, it has not been this cold...for this long in the past 28 years since they lived here.



Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Rose,

I understand exactly what you're saying...tonight our local news meteorologist said we will have freezing temps again tonight, the next 8 to 10 days look better and THEN...well...we could be looking at another WINTER system. WHAT???

So my plan...I'm going to enjoy the nice weather while we have it and then hunker down for whatever is in store for us.


All My Yesterdays said...

Well, I really am sorry you're so cold. And yes, the weather is crazy all over the States. We usually have more. But I guess Texas and some of the other southern states needed a little touch of it this year (O:

Stay warm Rose...oh, and I love the picture!

stefanie said...

stay warm!!!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Sandy & Steph.
I know, not really complaining so much as being AMAZED at it all.
I heard that 49 of the 50 States have SNOW on the ground right now.

Everyone head for Hawaii !!


Gerry said...

Hi Rose, It is unusual to see ANY snow here my area of the SE, but we got about three inches! Oh, it was sooo exciting, at first, to see the snow falling in huge white flakes! But now, I have seen the snow, got out and took my pictures, and needless to say, I am ready for the snow to melt and for the sun to shine...wishing..Spring-Spring! Gerry

The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree-I'm ready for some warmer weather too! Here on the coast the cold temps and snow is a bit much!!!



Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Rose!
You sure are having some unusual weather right now...stay inside and keep warm! :) We are having much better weather here in Arizona. A few weeks ago we had terrible rain storms but now the sky is clear with lots of sunshine. We sure needed the rain though and it did wonders for my lawn and spring flowers! :)
Hope you are doing well dear.
Hugs, Carol Anne

Nancy Maxwell James said...

beautiful images...sorry to hear about your freezing weather. We had a mild December/January here but February brought the snow in Michigan! :) stay warm...spring is around the corner right? :)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WELCOME Carol Anne...I could swear that you had already joined my blog ....but what a sweet surprise to see you here on my followers list today.

THANK YOU so much, I am so pleased.
You have a wonderful blog...just wonderful and darling shares.

You all need to drop over and see it too.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Gerry, Kim, Nancy...I am sure doing my best to stay warm. And the sunshine we had all day today helped...but it is STILL too windy and chilly for these parts.
But being from up North...I can deal with it...just don't like it.
Thanks for sending WARM thoughts...and the very same to all of you.