Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Having lived for over 70 years now..there were many events that come to mind....but THIS one REALLY amazed those of us ...who did not grow up with the
"Space Age" !
P.S. Not to dismiss the very sad and shocking ~ Kennedy Assassination a few years earlier however.


Marilyn said...

I think if you are talking about impact on me it would have to be Sept. Distruction of the Twin Towers in NYC.....
...personally it would be June 19, 1964...the death of my Grandmother nothing was ever the same after that.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marilyn, This is what I like about these questions...they can bring out so many different idea's and feelings of what each of us feel are the important things in our personal history or World History in general.
You must have adored your grandmother..and she you.
Yes, 9/11 was HUGE to say the least, unforgetable seeing those airplanes dive into those blgs...as I watched it happening in REAL time.
In my personal history it would have to be the death of my oldest daughter in 1977...when she was 17 years old. Life has NEVER been the same for our family or me since that time in our family "history".
One of her cousins brought it up to me ...just the other day...how much she still misses her cousin.


Linda Q said...

I think if I remember the earlies would have to be the assassination of JFK. He was the first president I remember. I still remember seeing it all on TV to this day. The Vietnam war because my Dad had to go serve in that when I was only 6-7 years old.
Personally would be the passing of my brother in 2007, the hardest thing I have ever dealt with and still deal with!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Linda Q. ~Three very traumatic~historic events. In your personal history and in World History.
My youngest daughter had a very hard time getting use to the death of her sister all these years ago...as she was only 13 when her sister died..and we had never lost any one in the family... at that point. Not even a pet.
And 13 is a hard age NO MATTER..but to have THAT event happen..was almost more than she could bear at times....so I understand your grief journey.
How are your parents doing thru all of this since your brother's death ?


Eastlake Victorian said...


Historical event... it was the Apollo moon landing for many years. My parents made us watch TV, knowing we were witnessing history. Then 9/11 happened, so that is still fresh in my mind. Both events made me think a lot about the human condition.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi Pam....yes, my children were at CAMP when the Apollo Moon landing happened...and they got the kids up late at night (as I recall ) to watch this on a TV set up especially for them to watch it. ~~ HISTORY INDEED !

Then of course, 9~11...who will EVER forget...nor should we !!! VERY EVIL and COWARDLY ACT. ~ Life is so different now for the whole world.