Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I did not have this until today..
so I thought I would post it all the
same ...being that it is SO PINK !



Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Rose,

PiNk is good any day of the week..hehe :0)

Have a great week,

Cynthia K. said...

Hi Dear Rose ~ These are pretty, pretty, pretty!

Cynthia K.

debbie said...

dear rose, do you know who owns this pink tuesday picture.....i would love to use it as a blog header for simply debbie....it is so beautiful......
i was going to ask if anyone noticed how very, very close the pitcher in the soldier picture looks ever so closely to the pitcher with hydragenas you showed on white wednesday.
my mother met a lady in the thrift store the other day named rose.....when i ask her if the lady she met had beautiful huly ghost eyes and a smile that would set the world aglow.....she said awesome, when did you meet her. i told her i had a friend named rose that her daughter
graduated to heaven several years ago. mother said, that is what my rose told me....she said she just moved here 9 months ago....i said, i don't know where my rose was from.....i said, mother maybe you met an angel and mother told me she maybe i was blogging with an angel. i know you are or have been an angel to me.
have a blessed sunday.....super bowl sunday.
love to you
simply debbie
how is your daughter...i have continued praying for her

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Debbie...no, I sure don't...it did not have a name of any sort on it..it just came thru one of my Yahoo Share groups...I always leave the artists name in tact so that they can get "credit" for their work. Which is only fair.

But I would not use it as a header if I were YOU.

You are WAY too sweet regarding my description...I have blue eyes...and sure am no angel, but if I have helped you in some manner, that is what Jesus always asks us to do for each other.
Happy Sunday to you too.
I'm dealing with a runny nose right now... (do angels get colds ?? ) LOL..

Oh thank you for continuing to pray for my daughter who had the surgery. She has been doing much better..and she is losing weight quite nicely...she is still a bit frustrated with how she gets that "sick" feeling every now and again while at work and such...but she is doing fine it appears.

I had put an update on my blog about her sometime back after she got out of the hosptial..and had gone back to work. I think I may have deleted it by now tho.

Your are very sweet for asking about her.