Saturday, November 7, 2009

~~ Jar of Roses & Key~~

Just because I thought they looked good together ~
~( smiling )... Rose

( Click to enlarge )


stefanie said...

you are right, they look gorgeous together

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hey stefanie...thank you. ~~ I appreciate you noticing.~~


Mary said...

Beautiful vignette - I dry all my roses, almost love them this way more than fresh, the muted colors speak to me.

Rose, here's the link to the post I did on some history of the santo bastidor statue - mine is a reproduction found in a local shop.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Mary, I truly appreciate you giving me this link to the article you had posted.~~
That is MOST interesting about these lovely statues and their meaning.
I would like to have a small one...I will just have to get busy and GOOGLE for one I guess...or if anyone can tell me where I might find a REPRODUCTION one..I am sure I could not afford the antique ones.
Besides, it would not seem appropiate
(for me.) own a real one, given their meaning to the original owners.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Mary, I forgot to thank you too for the nice comment on my photo. ~~Yes, I LOVE my roses dried too...they seem to dry really well for us here in Texas...just enough humidity to keep them supple..yet dried...and they become these lovely muted colors. ~~ The yellow ones stay yellowish as well. ~~


Cori G. said...

Hi Rose, Your roses are beautiful indeed! The colors are so soft and crinkly in all the right places. Excellent composition!

Oh! It's super easy to things in your side bar. Just go to your "layout" page and click on the little box that says "add a gadget." That should get you started. And your welcome about me putting you in my side bar...I love your blog too!!!

Have a lovely evening!

xoxo Cori

BellaRosa said...

Hello Rose, I was leaving a comment on one of my favorite blogs 52 Flea, when your name caught my eye...when I first got our computer years ago and I got set up for my first email addy, the name my friend gave me was VictorianRose118, so when I saw your name, out of curiousity I clicked on it...and I am soo GLAD that I did, I absolutely love your blog, so much so that after falling in love with this first picture I quickly went thru all your posts and your blog is so lovely, but my stars...your pictures, they are truly beautiful. I had to become a follower :)Can't wait to see what new beauties you post...Rose

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

O Rose that key and roses do look so lovely!

I must confess Rose that when I cleaned out the guest closet and made it look so sweet I stuffed another closet full of the leftovers!! I am a pac rat too and it is so hard to get rid of things that I just may need someday!!! I have made a bit of progress and took several bags of things to the thrift stores- unfortunately it will take more than several to organize and clean up all my closets!!!

So love your pictures!


gypsylulu said...

Wow!...This is beautiful, Rose!
If you have that key....i would sure love a pic of it....we were to draw fancy keys in my art class this week...i just could not come up with anything good!...maybe i could draw
this one!...let me know...
Things are really popping in here...nice to see..gypsy

Cynthia K. said...

The roses in jar and key look fabulous together! What is it with keys - we're all in love with them.

I can't remember if I have told you yet that I signed up as a follower...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you Cynthia...we do love those KEYS don't we...? This one really caught my eye !
I am so pleased you indeed joined my merry band of followers....!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Mary Ellen, you made me laugh so hard...I do the same thing...I don't know about you...but I sure have a tolerant husband...he just keeps finding "places" to put things I want to keep. ~~ REALLY need to have a LARGE garage sale next Spring. ~~ But they are SO MUCH work.~~

Not getting any younger here..and it just wears me out thinking about it.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Cori are so sweet...I love "crinkly" too...really liked the way these roses dried.
Thank you for you nice compliment on my Still Life.~~
I had dear friend of mine tell me about listing blogs on my sidebar too..but I am so UNTECHY...afraid I will do something wrong and delete my whole blog. ~~
My grandson will be here for Thanksgiving, I will have him show me exactly what I need to do..I bet I will be embarrassed when I find out how easy it is.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

BellaRosa, I am SO PLEASED you became a follower. ~~HOW interesting that you and I chose the same nick for ourselves...I know I had to add a number after mine retain it.
Thank you too for telling me how you enjoy my Still Life's, I use to sell them at Art Shows many years ago...and I really would like to sell them again, but have not gotten brave enough to figure out how to do it via the NET.
In the meantime...stay tuned....there will be more.


Six divided by two..... said...

How absolutely beautiful!!! I love roses and keys - perfect together. I am now a follower- the picture had me at hello.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

"Six"...WELCOME...I am glad you are here...and joined my little ( but rapidly growing group. )~~ ( SMILING )
Thanks so much...for you kind comment..I have gotten quite a nice reaction to this image...and it took me all of 45 SECONDS to set it up... lovin it !! ~~~

I will be back over to your blog to check it out as well.

Thank you,