Monday, November 9, 2009


Dear Grandma Yellow Hair ~ Cynthia ~ & Bella Rosa..

I am MORE than delighted to have all three of you here...joining my "little band of Merry Bloggers."



Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How very sweet of you to make such a special post to welcome me.
I do love visiting your site and just stop by tonight to enjoy it. What a surprise when I did. lol
You are toooooo kind.
Thank you I am very much looking forward to being a follower of your lovely site

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thanks Maggie....I am going to try to welcome each follower until it becomes "too much" for me to try to keep up with it....but right now it seems to be working and the ladies seem to appreciate it. ~~
So glad you like my Blog...I have had a really nice response/comments to it so far. ~~~
My friends have been bugging me for a year or more to do this..and I was afraid it would take up WAY too much of my time...and I was DOES take a lot of my time..but I am loving it.
And LOVE visiting all the other blogs I am lead too ..that are of my same interests. ~~
At which I also spend WAAAAYYYY too much time tracking new ones down.... that I find on the blogs I already follow.. (laughing ) ~~~
Being retired, I have the time to do that tho...just don't get ANYTHING else done however.