Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~~MY Fariy Godmother..as of today !!

I had never heard of the dollmaker

~Jacqueline Kent~ before today..and now I am a FAN...!~~

So this little gal in yellow... is now my FAIRY GODMOTHER.... and you can't have her !! ~~

Only kidding, she could be available to you as well, if they have not sold her twin...(smiling) ~~She and many others like her may be found thru


Brenham, TX


I SO FELL IN LOVE with that cute face ...the instant I saw her...and had to take her home...but even better yet, she was

40% off. ~~I kept trying to think of WHO she reminded me of...and I now I remember....there is a sweet little lady that is an Antique dealer here in Texas that she looks a LOT like. ~~ I may name her after her.

Her title is " SUMMER".
However, I have decided to name her " Lola"


Barbara Schaller said...

Rosie..Summer AKA Lola is adorable. I don't think you have any dolls who are similar to her. You have so many lovely things to peruse and enjoy,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hey thanks so much Bobbi.......Yes, she is my first "senior citizen" doll..and I have her sitting right here on my desk on a pile of papers..she is just the most adorable thing I have seen in years. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, her expression.