Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sharing an image from Julia Gerace Photography, LLC

WOW...I was simply struck with the beauty and the VINTAGE look of this
image...the photographer is so VERY, very talented.
I just had to post her work , that had been shared with me.
Julia, I owned a portrait studio for over 15 years before I retired...and I am in awe of your work.


Andrea said...

Dear Rose, You have such a lovely, thoughtful blog! Thank you for sharing your warm, grateful, cottage heart!!!


Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

What a sweet thing to say, I love that you think I have " a cottage heart". ~~

Thank you Andrea, Rose

Rita said...

Hello "Mrs. Victorian" Rose,
thanks for sharing the enchanting WW photo you posted. this image from Julia Gerace(is it a portrait?) is breathtaking and gives my romantic soul a chance to meander...
The more I visit your blog the more I like it.
Happy Blogging!

Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

THANK YOU Rita....that is one of the main idea's for our Blogs (I guess ) to get people to like it. ( big smile) ~~
I am HAPPY you like efforts are starting to pay off then. ~~ This is my first BLOG and my first effort at something like this.
I don't sell anything (as of yet )...or promote anything, except the appreciation of and enjoyment of the " delightful clutter" that we like having around us. (whatever that may be for each of us ) .~~

ABOUT THE IMAGE....I believe it is considered a portrait....but I would guess for a modeling session however.~~~~
That is how this portrait stuck me too...and the thing I loved about it is how it was so ARTISTICALLY made...very vintage looking and
( I believe) she has on a vintage 20's/ 30'sish. ~~
Rita, please come again..or better yet, if you are not a follower yet, join my BLOG and not miss anything.


Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

Rita, forgive me, I see that you are already a
follower of this Blog....I am sorry. ~~
I should check that out befoe I post that statement.~~