Friday, January 20, 2012


I am currently taking a new PS Elements class...and these are two of the images that I posted..that have a very light white/beige texture over them.   
I actually like a darker processing than this..but this is what we were asked to do right now...and we were to "just keep it simple."
You will be seeing a LOT more of my class images as the weeks go on.




Elaine said...

Wonderful images.. Love the flowered one.

June said...

I LOVE these images Rose. BEAUTIFUL!
sending hugs...

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Elaine & June....I appreciate your nice comments.
Believe it or not this class goes on for 52 weeks....once a I should be posting a lot more of these images I create.


morkaren said...

Dejlige billeder i vintage stil. v.h. morkaren.

Sylvia said...

Rose, thanks for your lovely comments on my Flickr stream and for the link to your lovely blog !
Yes, I collect vintage cards too, some of them can really touch me ... such as the one I used to create my Christmas card, I've posted about it on my blog, you're welcome to visit me too if you wish :-)
Beyond Layers is amazing, isn't it, I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
Nice Sunday,

Robin Michelle said...

I love them both Rose! I like how the vase is darker on top then fades. IT's beautiful. I would love to take the time for another class but at the time, trying to paint/write and babysit! lol

Barbara said...

Your images are lovely. I am trying to learn PhotoShop Elements, and it is challenging for me. You are an inspiration!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Robin are you babysitting grandkids?
We need to catch up.

Barbara, learning PSE is a challange...I have been at it for about 5 years I think. But so much more to learn.
Find out about new features each day it seems.
Thank you for coming by and joining.