Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A friend of mine just sent me these idea's...via an email....and thought I would share them with you .
Some you... may have seen before..but I had not seen all of them.       

I am sure you will have to ENLARGE them to see the details and read the text.  


cottonreel said...

Super ideas, can I steal that cute kitten picture?

Susan said...

These are all great ideas Rose. I just may try the tension rod one to store my cleaners.

Stella said...

The egg cartons are a super idea. Thanks for the heads up. Stella

Ira said...

Lovely ideas! TFS! My husband Jan has made me a special box in which I keep all my wrapping paper, very easy and tidy!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

cr~ Sure you can take the cat image. Thanks for asking.

Susan, I too think the tension rod thing is a good idea.
I like the wrapping paper thing too....but out of way of things.

Stella, yes we throw those away anyway. And they are designed to keep fragile eggs safe after all.

Ira, HA~ something tells me he has made all sorts of nice things for you to keep your "crafty" stuff in too.


Elizabeth said...

I love the egg carton idea for ornaments! Thanks for sharing!