Friday, December 16, 2011


I love to look on the web for Antique Hardware and salvage...just makes me happy to see the wonderful olde pieces that have been saved..and share it with you.



Susan said...

Thank you for sharing Rose. These pieces are so pretty! They just do not make things this beautiful anymore.

Julia said...

Gone are the days when craftsmen took great pride in their tedious work for not much money but the pleasure of creating with their God given talents.

Today you can't even buy a dining room set that has any creative designs. So boring. Thanks for sharing. JB

Ira said...

Awesome hardware! You don't see a lot of it around these days... Love those antique doors that go with this hardware, somehow I always feel that there are so many secrets behind those fabulous doors!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dear are all correct, this stuff does not get created like this anymore.
That's what makes them all the more precious amd beautiful.
Yes, lots of stories that those doors can tell I bet.


VBR said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely finds with us. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Have a wonderful holiday!