Friday, November 4, 2011


This has been re-blogged so many times...... and as I tried to follow the trail..I can't tell you where it originated...but it's a neat image all the same.  SO thought I would share it too.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Trishia - and how gorgeous and delightful it is too!

I love old suitcases and have them strewn all over the house. On top of wardrobes, stacked as tables etc etc - so of course I loved this image!

Houdini x

Ira said...

It IS a fabulous image indeed, those old suitcases have quite a few stories to tell and must have seen quite a bit of the world! Hugs, Ira

jordiegirl said...


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hey houndini...can you tell me who Trisha is...I would like to thank her.
Please join the next time you stop by..I would just love that.
I never did start collecting suitcases, as they take a bit more room than I have space for...but they are a fun and useful things to have around. I have "enough" collections now !!!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... know I BET they could tell some interesting tales. is a nice many of them.


Anonymous said...

HI Rose - the lovely Trishia from French Kissed....and I have just joined ;-)

Best - Houdini

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I am delighted you are here Houndini...thank you for joining.
I have left a comment on your blog as well.
Your cat has such beautiful eyes.
I have joined your online feed.