Saturday, November 19, 2011


We came home from running some errands later this afternoon....and I noticed our roses bushes had some
really late blooms on took them in becuase it was going to get a bit chilly overnight.

Different images of these roses... @



Pearl said...

Beautiful its so nice to look out my window and still see these beautiful darlings while its snowing today. Snow didn't stick so they will be there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Pearl

Julia said...

Rose, what delightful photos. You perhaps should give us a tutorial on how you go about making those great photos. You are very creative. JB

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Such a pretty color! I love pastel pinks in roses. You're lucky to still have some in bloom!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl, Julia & Pam
I thank you for dropping by. I do love my roses too.
Julia, I use PhotoShop Elements 9 and I play with a number of the sliders to get the "tone" I want.
Sometimes I am really lucky.

There are no two photo's that I do the SAME thing too usually.
If you have Photoshop Elements 2,5or 9 , I could answer a few specific questions for you if you wish.
Just email me.