Friday, October 14, 2011


I have a dear friend who is a poet...and she wrote this poem about Cape May, NJ...near where she lives. 


Victorian House
You will be taken back in time
In the city of Cape May.
On the southern New Jersey shore,
Where the ocean meets the bay.

The old Victorian houses
Built many years ago
Sit today in elegance
In styles that stately show.

The ornate architecture
Is amazing to behold.
The towering three-story structures
Stand sturdy and quite bold.

The inland homes of various hues
Are beautiful to see,
So colorful and exquisite,
Taking you back in history.

The gabled roofs and turrets,
Along the charming lamp-lit streets
With large porches and long fences,
Lined with graceful wrought iron seats.

It was an era like no other,
With dignity and grace.
And before your tour has ended,
You’ll fall in love with this quaint place.

© Barbara J. Schaller


Ira said...

Boy would I love to go there one day! The world is so beautiful, why is it that we people seem to want to destroy everything... Love this type of houses, makes me day dream now ;-0 Have a great weekend dear Rose, Ira x

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I am so happy that some communities here in the USA have saved these "Grand ~Painted Ladies"
I would oh so love to have lived in one like this one too.
But we make our little Victorian Cottage as cute as we are able and I love my house too.


Miss Gracie's House said...

NO, but it's on my list!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Me neither Rene...I too am dreaming of going there one day... and then be able to persoanlly meet my best cyberfriend Bobbi after all these years, who wrote this poem. We have been friends now for over 8 years on different blogs.


JaneyS said...

The Cape May poem fits my lovely downtown peninsula of Charleston, SC.
I'm sure there are many more Victorian homes in Cape May but the description, so well written, reminds me of downtown Rainbow Row on East Bay Street and the nearby winding neighborhood streets lined with secret gardens behind each slate roofed house. I much prefer that era, don't you!

JaneyS said...

The Cape May poem, so well written, reminds me of lovely downtown peninsula Charleston, Sc. I live 15 miles northward in North Charleston.

The homes in downtown Charleston sporting secret rear and side gardens are a delight to see and none on the bay have anything other than slate roofs and piazzas that allowed the Civil War to be viewed and painted while sitting with afternoon tea.

I truly was born to the wrong era.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Janey you must work for the C of C in South Carolina...if you don't you SHOULD! We too love SC and have visited there a unumber of times, along with beautiful NC.

But I am hoping to visit Cape May.... it's on my "bucket list". !

IRA, I just re-read your know I believe those who want to destroy our beautiful world are the people who are so very MISERABLY UNHAPPY with their own little part of the world and their life.