Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some ANTIQUES from our trip

Keep sliding down to see

all of them please....I still have not learned the secret to keeping my images posted close together.

What a darling little girl huh ?

Again saw Little Miss "blue eyes" at a doll shop....but she was out of my price range...she was a beauty. ~~~~~ The little silver teapot was so cute.

Did not buy anything...just went window shopping.


Pearl said...

Beautiful treasures Rose.

Pearl said...

Hi Rose thanks for stopping by, I lost you in blog land for quite awhile so glad I found you again. I posted the pictures of my rose book for you. I'm so glad it's almost Friday I get to go Antiquing! Have a fun wkend!

Ira said...

It doesn't matter just to have a look and not buy anything, looking is a gift, too! Have a lovely weekend Rose, Ira

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl & Ira...they are sweet aren't they ?
Ira you are right...LOOKING is a GIFT !!!
Those of us who love antiques KNOW this so well.


Richard Cottrell said...

I just loves that little dolly girl. Richard from My Old Historic House.