Wednesday, August 31, 2011


PARIS ..probably about 1910

Notice how high her heels are in the last image..did not know they wore them THAT high back then.

Enlarge to see her shoes


Angie said...

Hi Rose. I love the old photos! Just looking at the photo of the workers hanging over that scaffolding made me dizzy! Well, if the lady can handle a corset...I guess she can have high heels and finish the job (LoL). I also was surprised that heels were that high back then. Ah...The French.


Pearl said...

Beautiful old photos Rose, and the lady and cart is heavenly.

Ira said...

Oh wow, such an amazing series of photos! I didn't know that either, I thought heels were a bit lower back then, too ;-) TFS Rose!

Rebecca said...

Lovely old photos, Rose. Love them all! Can't believe the workers dangled over the edge like that! SCARY!

Love the shoes!