Thursday, June 2, 2011


First I found the pillow sham at Goodwill..and then the Jewelry Stand with the peacock feather skirt at Hobby Lobby...and they just seemed to work together.
I had my husband paint part of the figure... one of my favorite colors that happen to be in this pillow sham too.
( * Enlage to see details )


Richard Cottrell said...

Makes a nice grouping. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

Pearl said...

Sooo Romantic I love these shots, wish I could take pictures like you Rose! Just beautiful.

Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh Rose this is so pretty! I know nothing about what you do with your camera I am such a PC dummy that I need help with every post I put on my blog. I sell online so I take a lot of pics . It is always just turning on the camera & snapping. I found you over at Miss Gracie's House where I too love her fantastic pictures! I just am amazed at your picture the colors are so lovely & what a pretty card it would make! I am enjoying your blog! I posted on your wedding cake house post too! Hope you can come for tea again sometime! :o) Hugs, Rhonda