Sunday, June 26, 2011


A believe this is a fireplace screen, sure hated to let this one go. Such lovely brass and glass.

Be sure to see ALL images below..they got a bit spaced out, as I was adding them. I lost a couple of them trying to bring them closer together.....most aggravating.

You may wish to enlarge to see all the details.


Richard Cottrell said...

fun stuff, Richard at My Old Historic House.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Rose you were in my Town. lol So strange to see a post about Brenham. Which shop were you at.
Lovely pieces

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Richard, I took some images JUST for you..of little figurines. They did not turn out as well as I had hoped, because of the lighting on them. But I will see if ONE of them at least came out OK for you to see.

Maggie, we went into "Leftovers" Antiques first and then on the way back home from The Red Barn Antique show.... we went into Brenham for something to "Must be Heaven" and then over to a little shop across the street that I like to look thru called "GYPSY" something of other ..I almost always find something there. This time it was a pair of vintage earrings.
I was feeling pretty good most of the day it was great, but it caught up with me last the middle of the night...did not sleep at ALL the night..was aching a lot.
Danged old Fibro.