Monday, May 9, 2011


Just because this was too pretty not to share. Rose


Mary said...

It's beautiful!

Thanks for posting!

Susan said...

Rose, I love lilacs! When I lived in Kentucky I had a lilac tree! But its too hot here in the South for Lilacs. But we do have the Wisteria, which is the South's form of Lilacs!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thanks Mary... and for stopping by again.
Susan, (snicker) you know you are "preaching to the choir" about what does and does not grow in the South. I miss my peonies and my HUGE Hostas that we grew up North and yes Liliacs too.
And my Roses wilt in just one day or two days down here.
But I will take the Sunshine and the Warmth over the COLD up North anyday.
We lived thru 60 WINTERS up in Indianapolis, Chicago or Canada...enough was enough.