Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear blogging friends .... after my Blog had been disabled for almost 3 days... I felt like I had lost a dear friend. Which in fact, I did...being away from you all.
BUT....I just decided to click on it about two minutes ago to see if by some miracle had come back...and LO AND was indeed back...!
It actully brought tears to my does not realize how really important this little blogging thing is until you are without it. Just like the electricity being out..after a storm.

I am ONE HAPPY, HAPPY say the least. !!!

Now if I can get rid of this "pesty" little white photobucket delete notice...I will be very pleased.




GLAD your back Rose. YOU are too sweet/nice for me to lose you. I so dislike when computer problems cause us stress. Yes we never realize how important they are until something happens.
Anyway, I wanted to wish you a HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY and send alittle hug with this post.
did you feel it? it was a tight one, have a good day.

ANGIE said...

Hi Rose. I never lost your posts but I know how upsetting it can be when my blog site has problems! The big issue for me is I can't figure out what I did wrong (usually it's the host site). Yep, I notice the "Photobucket" thingy floating around, but no problem.

Welcome the beautiful flower!

Mary said...

Welcome back! I enjoy your posts.

Ira said...

Hi Rose,
so glad that everything is up and running again!! I can so imagine your disappointment, not being able to blog... Good to see you again!! Have a wonderful weekend, Ira

Pearl said...

That's crazy I even tried to e-mail you and it would not go through! Do you have good virus protection? After all the ones I have tried Mc Afee was the only one that worked for me. So happy to have you back!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl, yes, my addy that is linked to THIS blog was "disabled" too. It had nothing to do with a virus..however.
Google did not expain as to WHY they disabled my blog AND my gmail addy.
YEP... I have McAfee too.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

PS Pearl, and ever since this white photobucket thingy showed up...the side panels on my blog are missing too...along with my followers.