Sunday, April 3, 2011


I looked out the front door and our rose bush was just FULL of roses...they open so fast down here in the warmth. Did a bit of digital work on it...while I was in the mood.

I am linking these images to Dear Little Red House.


Pearl said...

Beautiful color and one of my favorites, I miss my rose's so much, but I have to get started planting new ones in my new place. I didn't get it done last summer because I was just to tired. Spring is here so it's time!!

Susan said...

Rose that is very beautiful!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Susan, Roses are the best aren't they ?

Pearl said...

Hi again Rose, I had a view of the city lights until the house's across the street were built. We could see the whole city and it was so beautiful at night. My father is 77 years young and I'm only 54 years but since I've done nothing but construction with my father all my life and an advid gardener who also worked hunched over in green house's for years, I have a lot of nerve damage in my feet and can no longer do much at all. I had surgery and it helped out one area of my foot but the rest is nerve damage. Not much I can do for that I guess. I just feel really old :0

Bohemian said...

What a beautiful image... a Rose for Rose!

Thanks for stopping by my Post, my Grandson walked me through the set-up of adding all my gadgets, he was only 9 at the time but very brave at experimentation with computer gadgetry... I'm not Tech Savvy either so I can totally relate to your hesitation. *winks* I will attempt to tell you the steps I use to add my fav Blogs to my sidebar:

At the Top Righthand side of your Page go to "Design" (click) that will take you to your Add & Arrange Page Elements Page... Scroll down to "My Favorite Blog & Shop List" box and hit "Edit"... a box will pop up and all you have to do is "Copy" and "Paste" your fav site code in and hit "Save" and it should add it. You can also delete any that you no longer want on the roll. Let me know if this helped? Good Luck!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Ira said...

You worked miracles here, your rose looks so velvety now, nice piece of art this is!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn, thank you so very much for your help but I do not see where I can find the "site codes" be added.
Where do I find those please ?
OR do I need new glases ?
Also, I do not see an email addy for you...mine is

Janny said...

Hello, your pictures are wonderful,

I will follow you!

Regards Janny.

Cat & Cricket said...

What a beautiful blog you have..and your photos are stunning! I am so jealous!!!! We have had cold here in the Northeast...
Glad I found you through Mosaic Monday!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thanks everyone...and GOSH ...two new boot....I am so honored !!


Dorthe said...

Rose,-your photoes are extraordinarely, beautifull.