Sunday, April 10, 2011


Really great art work there today....the crowd was really thick...could not get into some booths.

Was able to get a shot into the booth of the Artist at the very top, of the lady's hands putting on the dolls shoes... his work was MAGNIFIQUE and UNIQUE.

This piece is over 3 feet wide, I beleive.

He uses old barn wood and salvage to do this art work.. and some sort of process that makes his work look so ANTIQUE and desireable, however, very high end .

The doorknob is part of an art piece from yet another artist.

The man, ( below) from Arbor Castle Birdhouses, Edom Tx. has some really wonderful and whimiscal birdhouses...he even has some called Lady Bug can just see it at the edge of his photo. Here is his link.

Some really wild colored shoes being worn today.. I wish I could have gotten more, they were just moving pretty fast.


Susan said...

Rose that looked like an awesome place to visit!

Mary said...

The birdhouses look so colorful and fun.
I love art shows!

Have a good week!

Ira said...

You must have had a great time visiting that special place Rose! Sheer pleasure! Your first picture somehow reminded me of the work of a famous Dutch painter, Jopie Huisman, maybe you can check him out, I think you'll love his work!

Miss Gracie's House said...

What an interesting place to visit...and fun...I love the doorknob and plate...Have a great week!

Pearl said...

Love love love the picture at the top!! And the bird house's how creative. Pretty wild shoes too, thanks for sharing.