Saturday, April 30, 2011


Each evening my husband and I share an apple and some grapes or whatever fruit we have
This apple had an unusual shape I side SO much larger than the other.
So the photographer in me....knew I had to take a picture of it...and of course, play with it in Photoshop.


Dorthe said...

Rose ,you are a master,how beautifully covered in "fabric"

Pearl said...

It's beautiful I love the texture.

Sheila Alba said...

I love it, Rose, I really do. You are talented and generous. Thank you for sharing
this with us. Oh, and, you and your hubby sharing fruit at the end of the day....very good habit! Proud of you both.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I am so proud that you all like my work..thank you.
I am kind of "obsessed" with this texture thing now. Have always admired it when others did it...just did not know how to do it very well before. STILL LEARNING.
Yes fruit and veggies are so good for us.
We take a capusle form of product called
JUICE PLUS+ too.. here is the website for it. GREAT PRODUCT.


Mary Liz Gallery said...

This is so cool! ♥ it!