Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1939 ~King George & Queen Mum

If you saw the movie "King's Speech" you may enjoy this picture which my friends Mother just found. It was taken by her Aunt in Washington DC when King George VI and his wife visited United States in 1939. The actress in the movie looks surprisingly like the real lady.


Pearl said...

I haven't seen this movie yet but can't wait it looks so good. My father watched "Secratariate" and said it was so good he watched it twice.

Cindy Craine said...

That is way too cool!! Of coarse i love old photos. I found 3 cabinet photo albums at "CLUTTER" for dirt cheap, which is good because you're right the rest went to Pearl. I've been saving for 6 months and the pantry is now filled with peanut butter and cambells soup! I see you're a retired photographer, can't wait to see some of your stuff. I am just flat out horrible at taking photos, as you can see on my blog. I hope to learn from you! Thanks for stopping by!

Ira said...

I have seen this movie and it's BRILLIANT!! How could a film with Colin Firth in it be anything else, LOL! So yes, I like this picture very much!

Rebecca said...

I soooo want to see this movie! I love Mr. Colin and I was sooo happy he won the Academy Award for his acting!

Thanks for sharing my friend~


Richard Cottrell said...

I am going to see the movie this weekend. There is another movie about the Royals you might like. It was called The Lost Prince. Seems that they had a son who was aflicted and he died when he was young, they kept him out of site so no one would know. It is good and beautifully done, but sad.Must have been fun to see the royal motorcade. As close as I ever got was when I was working for a florist in St.Louis,Prince Phillip came to town and we did flowers for a party he was to speak at. But he was not to be seen. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic .

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

This is a test...hoping I am logged back in to my Blog...have been unable to post all afternoon.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OK...I cut and pasted a reply to this post..and it would not work AGAIN....tired of trying today.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

My friend told me that this photograph was VERY small in size...glad she was able to reproduce it so beautifully.
The Royals are ALWAYS a fascination aren't they ?? ...Even the "dunderhead" like Prince Charles.. OPPS... did I say that ?
Don't you wonder why the Queen ALWAYS has to carry her purse over her would think she would have someone at the ready with it at all times for her...just curious about that.

I am so looking forward to THE WEDDING at the end of this month.. gosh, such a beautiful bride...if they have children, and hope they do soon enough..they will be Gorgeous !!
Yes, I am glad Firth won the Oscar for this movie...I wished that his speech therapist did too..he was such an integral part of the movie too.
Thanks Richard for the heads up about the movie THE LOST PRINCE...I will have to be "ready " for a movie like
that...being it is so sad.