Tuesday, March 29, 2011


She is a beauty...isn't she ?

Afraid I am still not feeling all that great lately...my Fibro & Sciatica are really kicking up..will be back to my old self soon I hope.


Susan said...

Very Very nice Rose!

Pearl said...

She is so beautiful, love her flowing gown!

Sheila A. said...

I hope you feel better soon, Rose. I know so many people with fibro. It's terrible, isn't it? Thank you for this lovely image. I did take it because this type of image is my favorite.
The purple flower is so beautiful.

Ira said...

Yes, she is a beauty indeed! She reminds me of a wine queen somehow! (or is that just because I am sipping from my red wine right now, LOL!) Cheers, Ira

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Susan, Pearl, Ira..and Shelia. Thank you for stopping by.
Sheilia, I am feeling a bit better, got out for the first time today since Sunday.
Am going to be sore again later today..but I just MUST get some exercise and help these knees get moving again.
It's really crazy...it's the muscles around my knee's that are hurting.