Saturday, March 12, 2011


Don't know what I am going to do with it yet, but could not leave the shoppe without it. Only a yard...pretty pricey.
(You may wish to enlarge to see details )

My daughter and I went shopping today after lunch...and look what
I found !


Lovey said...

Oh yeah Rose!!! This is some beautiful trim!!

Susan said...

What beautiful trim Rose!!

Pearl said...

That is the most beautiful trim I have ever seen! Good hunt.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Rose what a delight to find you visiting me again so soon. Nice for us to catch up with each other.
This trim is one of a kind beautiful. Wow honey what are you going to use it for. be sure and let us see it.
I too suffer from Fibroymalgia as my daughter does too. I had to give up my job for the state when I was 53 with it and then my ex left and I had to go back to work and have worked ever since this accident in April. The fall was so bad I have not recovered and having this disease has not helped my recovery any either.
So sorry that you deal with this pain ful disease too.
Don't know what the sheriff's dept is going to do with me because it has been 11 months and they still have me on the payroll which is a blessing but I know they can't keep doing that so it is scary at my age or any age to not be able to work.
Love ya

Char said...

Hello Rose, my you had a bad time getting your doors redone. I think if I had read your comment before we started, I would have been scared to death to do it. I will have to say, it's done and looks great. I plan on posting pictures this week. Thank you so much for your comments, I love them.
As for your trim, it's gorgeous. Sometimes I see some very beautiful trims out there and I often wonder how they are made. Very small work and just too lovely for words. Yours is that without a doubt. I would love to see it used on something, I bet it would be too pretty, Char

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Maggie, you have MAIL!! I had things to tell you about that is helping my Fibro..that would be TOO LONG for this post.

Ladies...I thank you so much for your comments...this trim is even prettier than in the photo's. I think some of it will end up on a Mixed Media project or something like that..mabye along edge of something small. OR...maybe around the middle of a Candle ?
Speaking of which....I saw some candles today ... (talk about pricey)...they had some very Victorian looking "Diamond BLING" on them that I could swear was real..but of course it was not..but they were something to see. Too bad I did not have my camera with me.


Ira said...

My oh my, no of course you just HAD to take a piece with you! I know I would, had I come across such a GORGEOUS piece of trim! Amazingly beautiful, thanks for sharing, Ira

Anonymous said...

Rose, add a clasp and you have a GORGEOUS necklace!!
Hugs, Diane

Bohemian said...

Rose thank you so much for your sweet comments and visiting my Blog. I'm thoroughly enjoying your Blog and just became a supporter and will add to my favs. What a Joy it must have been doing Photography for a living, my younger Brother is also a retired professional photographer and he lived and breathed it... which was evident by his amazing photographs. It has always been a favorite hobby of mine and I'm enjoying playing with it for my Blog now and perfecting it as yet another Art form.

I LOVE THIS TRIM!!! *Swooning* I'm a Fabric Artist and this would look amazing on a Bohemian Bag. I love it when I find a piece of Vintage Fabric or Trim to use in a creation, just a small amount can inspire an entire creation.

I too have Adult ADHD, but it can be a Blessing in disguise as I always have abundant energy and creative thoughts abounding. Focus is however another issue! *winks* Sometimes I'm doing everything and nothing all at once. *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Richard Cottrell said...

I am with you, I could not leave it behind either. I have a dresser drawer full and I call it my statch, I love trims(passementeries). I did an old post about mine, if you did not see it you might like to drop by. Yours would be wonderful on a lamp shade or window shade.Fondly, Richard

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Such nice interest in this trim...thank you ladies and gentlemen. LOVIN IT.
I purchased it at ~if any of you are interested. Item No.63476-318.