Friday, February 4, 2011


I gals up North are just laughing..
BUT.....we had a bit of a "freeze" overnight.
Notice the ROSES in the background....taken at a neighbors here in Houston.


Pearl said...

Beautiful fountain! Rose's still?

Queen of Dreamsz said...


This is the most strange winter I can remember in a very long think that Houston had temps low enough to freeze that fountain! Oh my goodness...

And "yes, I'm bragging"....we didn't get this storm! It has gone south of us, west and north of us...I'm so glad..we have had so much snow already I think I would have screamed if it had come here.

You stay warm and be careful if you get out..
Stephanie ♥

Denise said...

That is very unusual for your area....that fountain is kinda pretty all frozen..

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Rose! Know what I think? The earth has tipped! LOL! The north pole is melting and Texas is going to be covered in glaciers!

About your daughter and her Big Shot. Well, you girls just get that thing out and get to work with it! It's so easy and so much fun! Once you start you'll be making all kinds of fun things! And Sissix just made even MORE dies for leaves, branches and flowers that I hope fit my Cuttlebug!!! Oh dear...there goes the budget.

Have a nice WARM weekend!

Susan said...

Beautiful photo of the fountain Rose!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you ladies, Yes a STRANGE WINTER for everyone I think.

But this is not my photo...a neighbor sent it.

Suaan...are you having this kind of weather where you are ?


Barbara Jean said...

This is soooo coool. (no pun intended)

barbara jean