Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~ DO YOU KNOW THAT~...........???

Very scary.....don't post images from your iPhone or Blackberry,etc.



Rebecca said...

EEEK! I don't post images from any place but my computer. I don't know how! Good thing!

Love to you girly girl~


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Rebecca, I know, I only post them from my computer too..I don't even have an iPhone or Blackberry........or as I called it the other mistake...a "Mayberry"..and my daughter laughted SO HARD.


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Scary! I don't have a camera phone, either, and I'm glad. There's already too many ways criminals can stalk people. Thanks for sharing this, Rose!


Beatnheart said...

Yikes...what a world. I get so personal on my blog sometimes but I’m so trusting. I hate to turn paranoid though...Rose, thank you so much for your visit and comment. Always a joy to hear from you.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Nope, don't want to get paranoid...just CAUTIOUS is all. Especially with the photo tracking thing.


bumble button said...

Thank you for this info!I am passing it on to family members.

Rose can you help me concerning my blog? I do not know how to post or tell bloggers how to send me or post their challenge projects. You even have a tag , badge, link to me, and I have not been able to figure that out. Much love Louise

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Louise...I WISH I KNEW how to do that...I am so untechy that I JUST found out how to put these little "button" pictures on the side of my blog after (over ) a year.
I have never done a challange before either.
Let me see if I can find some others who have done these before..and I will post their link for you.
I want to learn now to put my BLOG FOLLOWERS buttons here too..have not figured that out yet either. May be really simple.
I am a VERY visual person, if someone was here in my office to SHOW me..that would work...but to read instructions and do it.. NOT SO MUCH !

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