Wednesday, November 24, 2010


With so many lovely, thoughtful, sweet wishes and words being expressed on many of my favorite is nearly impossible to find new words to communicate more poetically the things I am THANKFUL for.

Most of all I am thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ....who if ...HE were not in my would be for naught. Thank you Lord

Thankful for my husband....who is my helpmate and devoted friend, and my children and Grandchildren.
And for my precious eyesight ...which comes to mind immediately to be so VERY thankful for....I can't imagine life without it.
My hearing, and the ability to still get "about" at my age. And what appears to be a relatively sound mind. ( Some would say that is debatable...! )
And for my dear Blog friends and "face to face friends"... as our friend June calls them.

And for this limping along, and a bit wounded .....but still VERY resiliant, viable country of ours
I am happy oh so happy and PROUD to be an American.




The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose!

June said...

Rose, you always make my day when you come by! Beautiful word, and I am so in love with that photo. All the elements of beauty I adore. I am thankful that YOU are in my life!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones dear friend.
hugs to you...

Pearl said...

Well that was said very well, blessings to you and yours also Rose.

My White Home said...

happy thanksgiving :)

The Rustic Victorian said...

I hope you had lots of whipped cream Rose. I adore whipped cream.
God is good, and very involved in the internet. I am gratefull to have met you here.