Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is how my mother and uncles would have dressed on Flag Day .

People in our neighborhood would dress their homes us like this for Fourth of July and "Flag Day"...or what was called Remembrance Day.

It's almost 11:00 here...we will be stopping and saying a prayer for ALL of our fallen soldiers.... in ALL the Wars that the United States has been involved in.

TOO MANY for sure.

** I am also 100 % convinced that if women ( mother's ) would have been IN CHARGE of the Wars in History......they would never have occurred, or were no longer than about 3 days in length.

Mother, Grandmother, Rose


Susan said...

Rose I am convinced of that too!! Thank you for honoring the vets.

VBR said...

Hi Rose! What beautiful photos of the homes decked out for Veterans' Day!

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The Rustic Victorian said...

Veterans day was very special in my world. It gladdened my hear that so many showed up for the parade.
My goodness, what a beautiful house!
Seems like alot of things would be different if women ruled,,,I agree,,,and what about boxing,rape,power,,,,etc.. We are so unevolved...