Saturday, November 6, 2010


JACKSON, MAHALIA (1911–1972) Gospel Singer

The United States’s most famous gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson.

Years ago I was on a flight from Houston to Indianapolis~ on that plane..much to my suprise... was Ms. Malhia was wonderful to see how many of her fans were at the airport to meet her, even that late in her career.
( This is a much earler photo of her. )
Later that evening we attended her concert was one of her last...she went to be with her Lord....about a year later as I recall.
Here is her version of " JUST AS I AM" is brief and beautiful.
You may have to cut and paste this's worth it.



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

If someone can help with telling me how I can copy these links so that I can just have you click on them.... please tell me how...I copied this one off the top of the YOU TUBE Video I was listening too of her singing "JUST AS I AM."
What am I doing wrong please ?

Thank you, Rose

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