Friday, November 19, 2010


As any proper lady must look your best when calling on friends.

(Graphics and Photo's ~“Courtesy of The New York Public Library.” )

One could only dream of being dressed this beautifully.

They would have to be very wealthy to afford these I would imagine.



Pearl said...

These are truly beautiful!

Susie Jefferson said...

Goodness - SO elegant, and how on earth did you get your images to layer over each other like that? The perfect finishing touch in the post.

Sorry for not visiting back earlier - the anniversary dinner was a total non-event (went down with flu: OK in the morning, and by evening I was in bed!) Peter's got it as well, so we've been housebound the entire week. I only really got going again yesterday, and still feeling cottonwool-ish so big apologies for not leaving a comment earlier.

Have a great weekend!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi Susie...SO sorry you have been down with that danged old flu......nasty stuff. Be sure to eat your veggies.
Not sure what you mean about layering, but I just add one image at a time, and put them in either the left,middle or right positions..but they seem to end up whereever they wish anyway.(snicker).

But if you mean the edges of the pic's...I do that in Photoshop.
Hope that helps.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The flu has a way of "coming back" on you if not.