Friday, October 15, 2010


Came across this link ( below) ...thought you would all enjoy them.

Round Lake, NY. Round Lake was established in 1867 as a camp for Methodist laymen and ministers. Inticed by the dense Pine woods, natural spring waters, and convenient train service, the campgrounds grew into a permanent town. Like other Methodist camps, small cottages were eventually erected, mostly in an ornate Carpenter Gothic manner. The village today boasts many intact examples of Victorian architecture, ranging from small cottages, to large ornate examples complete with turrets, sleeping porches, and stained glass.


Rita said...

Beautiful building, Rose.
thank you for the explanation which i have truly enjoyed.
have a great weekend

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness Rose. I know that house. I have friends that live in the village of Round Lake. It is just so quaint. A lot of the cottages from the old Methodist camp have been converted into year round homes. The house you are showing can be seen from Route 9.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Rita, thank you for dropping by..we do love our cottages don't we?

Dawn, that is so amazing...small world for sure.
I never heard of this place before today...and you KNOW someone who lives cool is blogging to share these things that tickle our innards ?


The Rustic Victorian said...

I love looking at houses, and pictures of houses. Love the flag too! Thanks for the link!

Dawn said...

Hi Rose,
Check out this link to some photos of homes from Round Lake.