Sunday, October 10, 2010


Originally a photo of a Mirror Frame...and then I worked on it in PhotoShop.


Beatnheart said...

Rose Darling, thank you for your heartfelt comment. Was my visit a way cause I just treated my mother like a little child with upbeat answers or I could throw her off with a unrealistic answer. My mother is still mean and manipulative. Somehow the dementcia didn’t cancel that out!! how strange and how selective...hmmm. My brother is in a living hell. I feel so badly for him. It’s guilt that’s keeping her at his house and a overdelveloped sense of responsibility...So thank you for your response as it helps me to know that others suffer in the same way. When we can share this together I think it helps us all now as adults. Rock on deserve it!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...
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Miss Gracie's House said...

These look like so much fun to make! Maybe someday...I'll get photoshop:)

THANKS for the sweet comments...I do so appreciate them. I tried to follow the link to the fox article but couldn't?

Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

OhMyGoodness, I thought these were incredibly rare pieces of art from an ancient culture. :)
Very fun!

Hope you have a lovely day, Rose!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Rene'...PhotoShop has a bit of a learning curve and if you do not have about 4 months.. (and a bunch of upfront money...)
to devote to learning may want to rethink it.
I have PhotoShop Elements..and it is an easier program to learn...but still it took me a while to find all the "widgets and gadgets"..and I STILL don't know em all.. a number of years...keep finding new ones !


The Rustic Victorian said...

You did it pretty!