Sunday, September 26, 2010

Victorian scrapbook containing die cuts, calling cards ,etc.

Found this VICTORIAN SCRAPBOOK at the Antique Show the other day
just full of old die cuts, calling cards etc.
When I get the time set aside, I am going
to copy some of the pages inside .
Found a number of old Post Cards in it as well.
Album Cover Dated 1876 on back.
( Enlarge to see details )


Pearl said...

Wish I could find one of these beauties, by the time they put them in the stores around here they have taken everything out? Dumb. Have fun with your new treasure. Pearl

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pearl, I am SURE there are things missing in this one too....some of the very aged pages are loose...and things are pasted to both sides of each I can't cut them off the page. But loose images too are in it.
But I bet there are about 75 lovely ORIGINAL Victorian paper things...that I hope to get around to scanning later.


Pat said...

Love, love, love antique scrapbooks! Thanks for sharing. Pat Zahn