Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear Lord,

Please untie the "KNOTS" that are in my life and heart today.

Please remove the have nots, the should nots, and the do nots.. that I have in my mind.

Ease the will nots, the may nots, and the might nots, that may find a home in my heart.

Release me from the would nots , CAN nots and should nots that OBSTUCT my life.

And most of all remove from my Heart and Mind all the "Am nots" that I have allowed to hold me back.




Rebecca said...

Oh Rose...I hear your heart's cry. Yes us KNOT falter along life's way.

Love to you beautiful soul~


Marilyn said...

This is so touching & a wonderful prayer....
Beautiful Rose.... Beautiful!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Susan said...

Amen Rose, May the Lord Bless you and keep you. May he make his light to shine upon you..........and give you Peace.

BellaRosa said...

Rose amor, how beautifully said and how well I understand these words at the moment :) I wanted to come by and thank you for your lovely visit and warm welcome that you left for me on my blog :) I truly hope that your knee/leg are feeling much better :) Take good care of yourself :) I will be back to visit again soon :) Much love & hugs! Besos, Rose

Pearl said...

Well said Rose...thanks for sharing.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Ladies...I am so pleased you stopped by and read the just stuck me as imporant when I read it.
I know many of us can identify with it.


June said...

What a beautiful prayer to read today Rose. I love to read things like this on a Sunday morning.'I wanted to thank you for your dear message that you left for me. It made me smile...and now I want to go walk barefoot in my grass (that I have been taking for granted) just for you!!!
hugs to you sweet one

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

June, what a precious thought . When you do that I know I will feel it too....what a sweet gift.
In Indiana where we lived for MANY years we had "real grass" there too..and it felt to cool and soft under my feet when I walked out on it ...I miss that terribly.
And we did not have FIRE ANTS there either.

Thanks so very much ....for dropping by.

Sweet Sage said...

beautifully put!
and just what i needed today!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I love this rose,,perfect for this moment. I may have to copy it and use it in something artsy.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marcie, you may indeed....why didn't I think of that..???? DAhhhaaa !!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marcie, Please let us all know when you have made whatever it is you are going to use it for...
This is not my origianal prayer..just one I borrowed...and needed to say for myself that day..and everyday for that matter.