Monday, August 30, 2010


OH HOW I LOVE SHRIMP...and Crab .....but I personally am not going to eat them for a long, long time .
Am going to miss them ......
Fair Warning....Beware of the OIL beneath the surface in the Gulf of Mexico.
Stewart had on board a shimp boat a homemade method of capturing oil ( in the water ) through a column. He took two tomato cages and filled them with an absorbent pad, layered it in plastic to hold it together, and left a hole at the bottom for the water to flow through, creating a large absorbent cone that could flow through the water.
The method proved fruitful. After several tests in the water column, being careful to never let it touch bottom, the cone was
turned a dark brown with what turned out to be a very high concentration of oil.
"We think they opened shrimp season prematurely," Miller told Truthout.
"How can we put our product back on the market when everybody in America knows what happened down here? I have seen so many dead animals in the last few months I can't even keep count."


phonelady said...

that is truly sad and what is worse is that our government and bp will not accept responsibilty for this fiasco . It makes me sad to see so many of the animals that we have lost .

The Rustic Victorian said...

The best shrimp I ever had came from the Gulf, I will miss it too. I knew it never "dissapeared",,couldn't find it,,fishermen are not stupid...this guy has common sense...very creative too. I mourn for the jobs in the gulf and the dead wildlife.
Beyond words.

Beatnheart said...

I am so saddened and just plain mad at all this in the Gulf...Those poor folks, like they haven’t suffered enough!! BP is sugar coating this whole thing...they are ruining our waters and they just don’t seem to care. Their money is more important than OUR waterways...Shame on them!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

The Gulf coast has taken it hits in the past five years for much more than usual...with Katrina and IKE and now this BP Oil thing.
I keep reading reports about the dispersants that are being spread day and night...are more damaging and dangerous than the oil itself.
Many of the fish and wildlife are drying from both...but those ( fish, shrimp, crab) that ARE surviving...are being consumed by the unsuspecting public.
A lot of the restaurants and some of the grocery stores around here have signs that say their "fresh" shrimp, etc. are only from the "TEXAS" Gulf....I don't belive a word of it.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I hate all this for the fish eaters and for the people that make a living on the coast. This world is really in bad shape, but I never thought I would ever see America like this. It doesnot seem like the same America that I grew up in.
You asked about my transfer. Send me you email and I will tell you.
Hugs, Pat

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pat, yes, you are right this does not seem like the same country we grew up in....and I have lived in it for over 72 years.
To think we can't hang out flags in certain area's of OUR OWN BELOVED COUNTRY..and pray at AMERICAN gatherings...and the list goes on....SO VERY SAD.
NOVEMBER 2nd can't come soon enough... as far as I am concerned. How about you ?
( Definition of Narcissium )
By Mayo Clinic staff :-)
Narcissistic personality disorder is a disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of their OWN IMPORTANCE and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they're SUPERIOR to others and have LITTLE REGARD FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S FEELINGS .)

** We need to rally our conservative, GOD LOVING family and friends..and go out and VOTE in November.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

IF you have a swimming pool and live anywhere near the GULF....Here is another scary thing I just read about the dispersant that is being used by BP...this time over in Florida.
If this does not show up as a clickable link...just cut and past this into Google...


victorian parlor II said...

How sad. I hope the gulf can recover from this soon.



Shabby Addict said...

I'm with you and can't WAIT until November. America is quickly deteriorating and I've had enough!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Did you all see the tapes from the Glen Beck Rally in Washington, DC ? I am watching it in parts now.
Watch and listen to FOX you will hear and see a LOT of eye opening info that some American's choose not to pay attention too....especially if they are "left leaning."